Present yourself like a movie release

You've got an album release coming. It's filled with musical imagery that you have have spent months creating. Now you want to show people that it's out and get them to listen.

Why not take a tip from movie release posters?

Think about it. A movie poster pretty much sums up a story in one image and tells you the important information; title, release date, actors and an ominous image that intrigues you.

Then after you've watched it, you come back to this image and it makes even more sense now that you know the material it was based on. A connection.

Have a look at these posters based on movies most of us already know and you can see what I mean.

10 Mondo Movie Posters That Rival the Original Artwork — The Shutterstock Blog: "One thing that's unique about Mondo prints is that they're all silkscreened, meaning that the artists have to use a limited color palette in constructing their designs. This results in a high degree of attention to color as well as detail."
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