TO-DO: A list of tasks I need to finish before I can promote my new band project

New band to-do list in Google Keep
New band To-do list in Google Keep

First thing I need to do to start my band project

I recorded a song using on of the old ideas I had kicking around with my current band that we never used.

I did the whole recording using the open source recording software Ardour which is free to use.

I've written about my setup for Ardour before. Maybe I'll go more into how I record using it later.

For now, I just need to get these things ready to release and publish my new song.

So I made a short list of what I need to do next in Google Keep.

New band tasks

  • Look for band name
  • Make mp3
  • Find artwork
  • Make art in canva
  • ID3 tags on song files
  • Make simple website

Basically I can't do anything until I finish these next couple of steps.

In the next couple of posts - I'll walk through what I did on this list.

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