Email Newsletter Tips For Musicians

Multitasking in the Park

Having an email list is probably still one of the most important things a band needs. That part is easy.

How to use that email list is what can be nerve wracking.

Knowing what to send? When to send?

For example:
"Everybody hates long emails, no matter who they're from, so don't think that just because a recipient is a fan of your music they want to read every thought in your head or every single scrap of news.
If there's a particular topic that requires more than a few sentences, use your newsletter as a way to draw them in and provide a link where they can learn more about it if they like. This may mean starting a blog or having some sort of space on your website, but it can be a great way to ensure you aren't annoying those who may not want a long email."
Here's an article that goes over some of the basics to consider when sending an email to your list.

Via: Don't Sleep on Email Newsletters: 6 Crucial Tips For Musicians
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