It's a start...

I'm starting this blog as the first step towards an idea that I got one night during a discussion with my guitarist.

I want to build a Music Collective.

It comes from this: I know a lot of musicians that do really cool things and tell me about it all the time. Things that I tell my friends about. Things that I think are great stories. And I want to share them.

On top of that, these friends of mine know other musicians that I may not know. Musicians/artists that have told them stories and ideas. And so on...

I also co-host a podcast where I talk to creative commons musicians and artists from around the world. And I always want to know more, do more, get involved with the things the people we interview tell me about.

I saw an article about an artist collective, a group of people that want to help each other broaden their horizons and work towards a common goal.

I have a band and I promote it. But I also love listening to other bands. I like meeting and working with other like-minded artists and want to build a community of people around this and about what we want to do. This is the BIG picture.

Some of the things I would like to do:

I'm going start talking with the musicians that I know one on one. Just talking about their process and post it here. Then probably move up to the bands or people that they work with and what they are doing. From there, find out who they know that interests them and extend the reach of my circle to meet and talk with those new people.

Guest posts
Have people that are involved in the collective post their own process and thoughts on their creative realm.

Music promotion tips
I don't want to just limit what we do to those in the collective. I want it to be a place to show others what we have learned from self-promotion. Things that teach an artist how to use this new DIY music world we live in to their advantage.

New music
Sure, talking to and meeting all these new and great people will be fantastic. But, I want to share the music they have and will create. This will also expose those that come to check out something they did know about, to something they may not have.

There's more I want to say but for right now I'm just going to start and see where it takes me. You know, the whole
"a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

If you're a musician or if you like music and what I'm saying interests you sign up for our mailing list and see what happens with me.


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