Preparing my new song for release - using Google Drive to organize this

Photo Credit - “Flipping through files” - CC-BY-SA

There’s a lot of info I need re-use for submitting my song to different places online. I’m going to use Google Drive so I can access it easily.

I'm getting ready to post my song in different places on the web. Before I do I'm going to create a Google Drive folder for all my song release information.

The reason I'm doing this? Because in the past when posting songs I've learned:
  1. While creating accounts for my songs I'm going to need to enter the same information over and over 
  2. Later on, I may want to remember the links of where I put all this stuff without having to go to each site to find it next time. 
  3. If I ever need to send someone information about the song for promotion down the road I can just look there. 

Main reason I'm using Google Drive is it's connected to my Gmail account and Google gives you 15 gb free space with documents and spreadsheets as well as file storage.

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Folder setup

I created a folder in Drive with the band name as the title. Then inside that -- another folder for the song files I'm going to use.

Links Spreadsheet

I add a new spreadsheet to track where I'm going to put this stuff. Each row I title with the websites I'm going to submit to:
  • SoundCloud 
  • Bandcamp
  • Jamendo
  • Bittorrent Now 
  • And so on….

I then add columns for information about each task to enter as I go along
  • Date (when I created it)
  • Song link
  • Artist page

Save this spreadsheet for later.

I'm going to (try to remember to) enter the information here as I create each song page and account.

Information Documents

Next, I make some new documents for:
  • Lyrics
  • Band bio
  • Song description 

I know from experience I'm going to have to enter these things a lot. So if I write the information in these docs now I can just copy and paste this stuff as I upload the song to each account.

Add files to Google Drive folder

Then I uploaded my files to the song folder on Google Drive.

This includes:
  • mp3 audio
  • wav audio
  • album artwork image
  • band Image 
  • header image (for artist pages)
  • logo

Maybe even create separate folders for the audio and image files to keep it organized.

I'm doing all this for safe keeping in case something ever happens to my computer files, or if months later I need to find them. It's happened to me before.

Now I should have everything I need to start creating my accounts online for this song.
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