Enter id3 information and artwork to my mp3 file

alternate way to tag music
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I want to add information to my mp3 file so when people download it they'll see things like the correct title, band name and artwork in whatever player they use.

I know iTunes or Windows Media player can add these basic things. But I also want to add as much detailed information as possible. Including things like lyrics, licensing, and attribution information.

I downloaded an id3 tagging program called Kid3 - Audio Tagger.

I opened a copy of my mp3 song (made a copy in case I screw it up) in kid3.

In the program I was able to add song title, band name, release year by default.

I also was able to drag the artwork I made for the single into the artwork box to embed it in the mp3 file.

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After that I clicked the add button to see what other options i could add.

I was able to also set:
  • BPM
  • Label name
  • Songwriting credits
  • Website address
  • Lyrics

That last part is nice because in some mobile players people can look at the lyrics while the song is playing.

So all I did was go to the Google document I saved my lyrics in, opened the lyrics window in kid3 tagger pasted them in and saved it. Boom.

Now my lyrics are in the audio file.

Last thing I wanted to do was add my creative commons license to the file so people knew how to attribute my work if they decided to use this song for something.

All I had to do was go to the creativecommons.org website, choose the license I wanted. I usually go with the cc-by-sa (attribution share alike). Basically people can use my song or remix it however they want as long as they give me credit and release it under the same license.

I copied the license description and link generated on the creative commons site and added that to my tagger. Then saved the file and it overwrites all this info to my mp3 file.

Now whoever downloads this or shares the mp3 will have all my information. No mislabeled info.
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