I don't need expensive software to make artwork for my song single

"Astronaut" by Rom-Com
Artwork for the song "Astronaut" by Rom-Com

How I created my album art using creative commons images and online software. No expensive programs needed.

I needed to make some cover artwork for my single.

Normally I would just:
Take a picture using my phone, re-purpose an Instagram photo or something like that.

I didn't have an idea for the artwork this time, so I turned to the Internet for inspiration.

Searching for images to use

First I wanted to find some images to work with. I decided to look for art under creative commons license, meaning I would be able to use and build on the artwork as long as I attributed the work to the original creator.

My song is called "Astronaut" so I'm going to be looking for images with a space theme.

First place I looked was a site called deviantart.com. I searched "astronaut creative commons", since they don't have a filter to just search for CC images.

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Found a few there that I liked and bookmarked them to look at later. Wanted to check one more place before deciding.

Next site I went to was Flickr, which actually does have a filter to search only CC-BY images. Was also able to filter my results by image size.

Searched for "Astronaut" there, which turned out pretty good since NASA actually shares all its images openly there.

Found a picture of the moon on the horizon in the evening sky and downloaded that to use.

Hovering on the Horizon - NASA's Earth Observatory - CC-BY
Photo credit - Hovering on the Horizon - NASA's Earth Observatory - CC-BY

Edit using canva.com

Now I wanted to add the song title and band name to the photo.

I did this using a website called canva.com. It lets you even pick a template specifically meant for album covers.

Signed in with my Google account, and chose the template I wanted to use. Then all I had to do was upload my picture and add my song title and band name text to the artwork.

When I was done I downloaded the picture. Now I have my song art ready to use. And if I ever need another copy it's available in my canva.com account.

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