I wanted to know: What's the best distro service for my music?

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I've been using the same music distribution service for years. I figured it was time to see what the others were like.

I don't even remember why I chose the one I use? But I've been distributing music from a service called OneRPM to all the streaming platforms for years. 

It's been fine. They take a percentage instead of an upfront cost for singles and albums. 

BUT recently they made the distribution to YouTube mandatory. And that's a problem for me because I sell my own music to YouTube Gamers and Vloggers so they can use it.

So I'm looking into switching and I thought I would see what other people are saying about the distro services they like.

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Here are some responses from Twitter about what is the best music distro service:

Although I would say this feature from Distrokid is pretty interesting


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