Shedding some light on the YouTube music announcement?

YouTube and Joost
YouTube and Joost (Photo credit:
Out of all the articles I've read about what YouTube is going to do independent musicians, removing their videos etc... This is the first one that has not only explained it, but pointed out that it's indie labels, not indie musicians they are having problems with.

So unless YouTube has been asking you to revisit your bands contract with them, you're probably ok.

Here's a metaphor from this post to explain what they're doing.
"That said, YouTube is well within its rights to refuse service to a company that doesn't agree to its terms as much as a grocer isn't obligated to lower the price of a single loaf of bread to the same price that a restaurant might pay for a hundred. The difference is that it's also the same as not allowing you to purchase anything else in the store unless you buy a hundred loafs of bread like the restaurant."
Via: Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: Does The Music Business Really Need YouTube?
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