“Do you paint anything besides portraits?”

When asked why to do what you do? Artist K. Hu really showed what makes an artist an artist.

"Along with landscapes, still life, and figurative subjects, portraits are one of the most common subjects in art. But they’re not common at all, and that’s precisely why my portfolio has been comprised of mostly portraits. When she asked me about this, I felt my response immediately: Many artists go outside and paint a fountain, a building, a landscape and vista, or stay inside and paint fruit, bowls, etc. Anyone can paint a different view of the same fountain or another lighting on the same mountain, but most people, in their lives, will never be painted. They’ll leave behind photographs that may not be preserved or loved by future generations. A portrait, on the other hand, captures someone who means something to you. People will wonder who that person was, and who you were as the painter, even long after you are gone."

Via: Portrait painting, K. Hu portrait artist, portraiture, fine art | Artist's Network
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