Expect new things from Cashmusic.org soon!

Jesse Von Doom, CASH Music
Jesse Von Doom, CASH Music (Photo credit: rexhammock)

The open digital platform CASH Music is great!
I use it to distribute all my music.

For those of you that haven't heard of it, this is the description
on the website:

"We've worked with musicians to build an open source platform of tools they can use to control their careers. All our code is free, and always will be. We see the open web as a vital piece of the solution for a healthy music industry."

Check out the introduction video.

It was started by Jesse Von Doom a few years ago.

It's an alternative to services like Bandcamp.

You can use it to distribute music on your own website.

I had the opportunity to talk with Jesse last year on the Creative
Commons music podcast I co-host, called Music Manumit Podcast.

The platform

You keep all of your income since it is an open platform, unlike
Bandcamp (Paypal fees still apply of course).

Offer you files for free or name your price, same as Bandcamp.

You can even host your files on your Google Drive account so
no hosting fees or server needed for it.


They also offer a javascript set up you can use called cashmusic.js
to do fun things on your site like, embeds, lightboxes, and audio
players without having to know JavaScript.

Here is full documentation of how to use it.

It also has it's own CDN to host the cashmusic.js file for you.

Something New

It's mainly been for digital file distribution, but when I logged
in today I saw a check-box on the download item that said:


Twitter conversation

So I tweeted a message to Jesse.

And he also added.

So it looks like big changes will be happening soon!

I suggest you check CASH Music out and see if it might
work for you.

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