Ex-Google, SoundExchange Execs Prepping Startup to Gamify Artists' Income

Invention: Create Solutions
Invention: Create Solutions (Photo credit: Colorado Association of School Librarians)
While the whole idea is intriguing, I still don't get what it will be doing
differently than anything else from what I've read.

"[Tim] Quirk described his new endeavor as follows: “Freeform is an application development platform that lets musicians and other digital media creators generate additional revenues by distributing their work much like free-to-play mobile games. By offering a ‘compelling enough’ version of their content for free, artists amass the largest possible audience for their work; Freeform’s platform then makes it fun and easy for consumers to unlock more and better content.”"
I've personally been a fan of owning your own distribution channels with open
services like CASHmusic. You can offer music directly on your website with
the free tools they have built.

But the availability of music to people that just use a service because
they've heard of it like Spotify or Rdio is still a necessary evil these
days if you want the exposure.

The real interesting part of this story is a back and forth between Tim Quirk and
Paul Resnikoff in the comments section of Paul's article on Digital Music News

via: Ex-Google, SoundExchange Execs Prepping Startup to Gamify Artists' Income | Billboard
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