Kaskade's Free Music: A Look at Sampling, Creative Commons and Copyright

Kaskade - Friday at Palladium
Kaskade - Friday at Palladium (Photo credit: Party Stuff by CS)
We had posted recently about Soundcloud allowing Universal to take 
down music themselves on the site.

It looks like one of the artists has taken the matter into his own hands.

"After a series of DMCA takedown notices stripped his Soundcloud, DJ and producer Kaskade — née Ryan Raddon — responded on Tumblr to call out music copyright laws for being out of touch with the modern digital landscape. "These laws and page takedowns are cutting us down at the knees," Raddon attested. "Countless artists have launched their careers though mash ups, bootlegs, remixes and music sharing.""
In a world where free expression and the ability to make and share art is
just a normal way of life I think it's a natural thing to take a step like this.
"Wasting no time to prove his point, Raddon isoffering the parsed pieces of his latest single, "Ain't Gotta Lie," and challenging the music-creating world to remix, use, or make it better — no strings attached… at least we assume that much."
What are your thoughts on the matter?

Via: Kaskade's Free Music: Beer, or Speech? A Look at Sampling, Creative Commons and Copyright (Op-Ed) | Billboard
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