Insight about streaming subscriptions from a digital music exec

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Even if you can't make money from downloads these days the option to make money from people checking out your music is still a valuable option.

Even though some people are resistant to put their stuff to Spotify or YouTube, getting monetized streams that pay out rather than nothing at all seems like the better choice to me in the long run.

In this article there is some insight from a digital music executive who sheds some light on what some of the different services offer compared to one another.

"Remember when your mom used to tell you that if it is too good to be true it usually is?  Well, I think that this is the case with some of the DIY services out there, especially the ones offering to distribute all the music volume you want for a fixed fee.  Inevitably, this model breaks down as their fixed costs rise higher than the low fees they charge you and artists and labels will be stuck without a distributor or, worse yet, out some money that is never passed through."

via: 5 Musings From A Digital Music Exec Who's Been Doing This A Long Time And Isn’t Even That Old - hypebot
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