A group does a reproduction of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue

Jazz musician Miles Davis.
Jazz musician Miles Davis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Artist when they go to school will draw or sketch famous works to learn an artists techniques and explore new things. But I quest they never release them as that to the public.

Now say you were doing that with music. It's just considered a cover of the artists work. And we think that is okay.

So why are people outraged by this release?

Are you?
If you’re unfamiliar with the band Mostly Other People Do the Killing, the first sign that they might have an offbeat sense of humor ought to be the name. That hasn't stopped plenty of people from being outraged at the group's new album. 
It’s called Blue, and it’s a reproduction of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue, perhaps the most famous jazz album of all time. Not a tribute; not “inspired by”; not even a simple covers album. It’s a painstaking, note-for-note reproduction. The musicians have transcribed and reproduced each walking bass line, each cymbal tap, each Bill Evans piano flourish, each note of John Coltrane's and Cannonball Adderley's and Miles Davis’s solos.

Via: The Atlantic
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