Music Publishing on YouTube with contentID

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The way things work today, you can upload your music to any number of services and distribute them without having a label or record deal.

It's one of the beautiful things about the internet.

Even music publishing for advertising and rights, when owned by companies could go very wrong. Like this example from artist John Fogerty.

“I was sued for sounding like myself” — ReadThink — Medium:
In 1988, Fantasy Records, the company that owned the rights to Fogerty’s CCR classics, sued Fogerty for releasing a song that — get this — sounded too similar to one of Fogerty’s earlier CCR songs. Or as Fogerty put it while recalling the episode, “I was sued for sounding like myself.”

This is the world of music publishing — a world where you can write a song, sell the rights to that song, then have to pay royalties to perform that song (which you wrote), and then potentially get sued if you write another song that sounds too similar to that first song you wrote."

You still have to use approved services to control what is being used. On sites like YouTube for example they have a contentID system that will even let people use your music and pay you for it in ad revenue.

As a begining musician in todays world I think that is a fantastic option

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