A New, Free, Way to Ask for Facebook Likes

Facebook Like stamp

Facebook has a new way to ask for likes on your pages most popular posts. You know when you have a post that says "+ 12 more people like this"?

Click on that link and in the window that pops up it will show you the people who liked the post and which ones aren't a fan of you page.

Powerful New Way to Ask for Facebook Likes -via actionsprout: "Facebook quietly released a powerful new feature you should be aware of: a new to ask for Facebook likes.

You now have the ability to invite people who have liked your Page post(s) to like your actual Facebook Page.

To access this feature, first find a post that has more than two or three likes on it. Click on the number of likes on this post. (This is the x number of others who have liked the post.)"

This is a simple way to invite people to like your page. Give it a try!
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