Tips to promote your band day to day

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Want just a few simple things to help you promote yourself?

Here is a short list of a few ideas that can help you grow your audience in a way you may not have thought of.

Ask for a comment or review

It can be as simple as that.

You hear podcasters do it all the time -- "Please leave a comment on our website or iTunes".

They just ask. That’s it.

Think about it, it only takes a second of their time. People who hear you don’t always think to do that. 

Put it at the end of anything you post, facebook, web post, video, email, etc…

I’m not talking a full blown review just a comment about how they like it.

When people hear your stuff for the first time it’s intriguing to see a slew of comments. May even make them want to get involved themselves.

Don’t go too far
But that’s as far as I would take asking fans to do something. Some people like to suggest things like, asking fans to create photos and artwork for you.
On paper, this sounds like a fantastic idea. I hear it all the time. But you’re asking your fans to do work for you.

Here’s a good test. Ask yourself whenever you have an idea that involves your fans:

"Would I do it if a band I liked asked me?"

Most cases the answer would be-- probably not.

Offer a free download for email.

Do you have an email list? You should.

You can do this on bandcamp with a whole album or just one song. 

Why?... Because when someone buys your music, you have no way to tell them specifically when you release another. If you give something to them for an email... Well, now you can.

The point is that this is still more effective than posting a message on facebook, or twitter etc…

Think about it, we all miss tons of posts on these sites each day. Yours probably get missed more than you think.

If you have their email, you can announce important things you want them to see right to them.

I know from experience that more people check out an announcement when we both send it to our email list & a social post. It’s good to have both.

Of course email should be used more for larger announcements, new song/album, upcoming show, things like that.

It’s not an extension of your social pages. Would you want to receive emails that way? Of course not.

Repeat popular links

Given what I just said about people missing out on most of your posts on facebook or twitter, re-posting popular links is a good idea.

Look at your analytics on your site and your social feeds. Find 5 posts with the most clicks or shares. Then schedule them to re-post again though-out the week.

The idea is that people were obviously interested in what was shared, but others may have missed it. So why not share this again for those that may have missed out?

Make sure you don’t over do it. Spread it out. People are online at different times of day remember.

“Don't drown your followers in content they really don't need in their news-feeds. On the other hand, don't fall silent!”

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