Is There a Way To Track My Sales on iTunes etc..?

Hey, Look at Me!

Your download stats on iTunes aren't as fast as you think.

If you have been looking at the statistics for your new release, you may think your album is not selling. That's possibly not true, the sales reports are not in real time.

The dashboard for most online distributors will show you a list of your sales next to the current date. Here is where this can get confusing. Those dates are for the day that they were sent to you.

If you click into the "view details" of these sales (like you would in say CDbaby) you will then see the date the sale actually happened.

Via - grassrootsy: "Monthly sales reports are accurate accounts of which songs/albums have sold through all digital services your music is being carried by – iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, etc.

Sales reports are available roughly 1 month after a sales period is over.

In other words, you will get reports for March sometime in May."
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