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Time Out for Texting
Time Out (Photo credit: mikecogh)
Next is a new app that looks to connect artists and songwriters
with people who listen to music.

"Artists & listeners: meet each other. Ever wanted to release music of your own? Want to easily swipe through tons of songs?
Stop "hacking" platforms that weren't created for music. Discover artists from more than just 3 labels. You've finally found your home."

With the app you listen to 30 second clips and vote on them,
leave comments to tell the musicians what they like or don't
like about the song. This could be useful as a songwriting tool
since it lets you upload songs that are in the works. But the
usual problem that comes with an app like this is people have
to want to use the app for it to be helpful.

In the past I've used apps like soundtracking and to
share & discover music in what claims to be a community of
dedicated music fans, listeners that like to listen to new music.

So will this one outshine the others by being for musicians and
at the same time relying on people that want to critique music?

One of the drawbacks for me is there isn't an Android version,
it's only available on the iPhone.
But that's just the world we live in sometimes as far as apps go.

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